Four questions you can ask to form great relationships with your clients.

Setting expectations with your clients is the first step towards working as business partners. Today I want to share four questions you should ask your clients and yourself to make sure you form a great working relationship:

1. How and when will you communicate? Ask your client if they prefer phone, text, or email, and find out what the best time to reach them is. From there, let them know what you can do and when you’re available. Communication is how you’ll both achieve success, so this is crucial. 

2. How will showings happen? Whether you’re working with a buyer or seller, get your showing strategy in order. If you’re working with a buyer, will you be there? If you’re working with a seller, how much notice will you give them to get everything ready? Have a plan before showings actually begin.

“Communication is how you and your client achieve success together.”

3. What expectations does your client have? Make sure you understand what your client expects out of your relationship. If they have any specific wants or needs, this is the time to talk about them.

4. What are my expectations as an agent? If you need your client to gather documents or meet at certain times, let them know. The more you understand each other, the smoother the process will go. 

If you have any questions about today’s topic, please call or email me. I’d love to help!