Why you need to work with an experienced Realtor in today’s market.

In today’s market, you still need to partner with a Realtor, whether you’re a buyer or seller. 

If you’re a buyer, we’re seeing negotiations, inspections, and contingencies being accepted. You need to know that you have an agent who’ll be able to negotiate all these terms and conditions for you to get you to closing. 

As a seller, it’s now more important than ever to price appropriately, professionally market your house, and make it competitive. There are houses that are sitting on the market because sellers are still wrapped up in thinking we’re in the COVID-19 market. They might have hired a “COVID-19 agent,” but you don’t want to get stuck with that.

“In today’s market, you still need to partner with a Realtor.”

I’ve heard the term “COVID-19 agent” thrown around. This is an agent who got into the business in the last couple of years and doesn’t know how to do anything other than put a house on the market and expect it to sell in a day. You need to ensure that your agent knows how to negotiate, price, and market your property. If it’s marketed well and strategically put on the market, it’s still going to be a great selling experience for you. 

We’re seeing houses sit for days, weeks, and even months, so it’s super important to make sure that when you’re hiring a realtor, you’re asking them what it looks like to negotiate an inspection and what you need to do to price your house to sell in this market.

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