Be a better team leader by understanding these five levels of leadership.

To be a better leader, it is important to understand the intricacies of effective leadership styles and strategies. One of the popular leadership frameworks developed by John Maxwell is the five levels of leadership. In this short article, I will share those five leadership levels, and hopefully, you can get some value from them as well.

The first level of leadership is the positional level, where people assume leadership roles based solely on their titles or positions. However, becoming a true leader is more than a position or authority.

Moving to the second level, permission. At this level, people are led by purpose and motivation.   Understanding this deeper purpose earns leaders the respect of their team members, allowing them to earn their position.

Next comes the production level, where leaders focus on accountability and connecting tasks to meaningful outcomes.  This is evidenced by concrete results and identifying potential players within the team.

“Becoming a true leader is more than a position or authority.”

As leaders progress, they transition into the next level, people development, where nurturing and empowering others take center stage.  This level fosters a culture of mentorship and growth, fostering a new generation of leaders.

Finally, at the pinnacle level, leaders transcend individual success to collaborate with other leaders to elevate collective achievement.  This is where the focus shifts to guiding and empowering fellow leaders to navigate their own journey through the five levels of leadership.

By understanding these principles, leaders can unlock their full potential and create a lasting impact.  Whether you are a novice leader or a seasoned executive, embracing these five levels can profoundly affect your leadership journey.

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