Stop doing Instagram reels and try these three strategies instead.

Have you been making reels and posting them online to build your network? If so, you might have to think again. Unless you’re an experienced actor or influencer, social media reels may do more harm than good for your real estate career. Today, I will share with you the reasons why you should stop doing reels and try these proactive, foolproof strategies instead.

If you’ve jumped on the video short bandwagon of budding real estate agents, I’m here to tell you today that while reels seem like the go-to marketing strategy for a lot of brands and services, the real estate industry calls for a different approach. The reality is, sometimes, reels are better left to professional and experienced actors or influencers.

While some might disagree, as a real estate trainer and leader, I have the experience and grasp of the industry to say that it’s best to stop doing goofy reels because that it may mislead prospects and people about the essence of our profession. It’s important that we show people our value as professionals in the real estate industry, and reels do not do a good job of getting that point across.

However, if you are a professional actor or influencer, or if you truly believe that marketing through reels is something that you are really good at while upholding the value that we have as professionals in the industry, then it’s a good way to build your network and your business. But if you are still new to the industry, recording and posting amateur reels is definitely not the best way to build your business and your industry profile.

“It’s important that we show people our value as professionals in the real estate industry. ”

What I recommend that you do is try these three foolproof strategies that are proven to be effective in building your career in real estate:

1. Network in your community to discover and learn how clients and prospective clients see the value of real estate. This way, you get deeper insight into the public’s perception of real estate and this will show you the strong points on how you can market your services.

2. Go out and meet people to build your network. This is a good opportunity to showcase your knowledge about real estate and to meet people who might need your services in the future.

3. Use your social media to inform and educate the public through meaningful discussion about what we agents do as professionals in the business. While doing so, make sure you highlight information that will be helpful to buyers and sellers alike to make better, and well-informed decisions in real estate.

Do you agree or disagree with this? I want to know your thoughts. Also, if you’re planning to pursue a career in real estate, or if you’re an agent and you’re interested in joining our team, call, email, or text message. I would be glad to help you out.