Two conversations I have with clients about living a life by design.

What is a “life by design?” This topic often comes up for me, and I often think about it as I coach others to find what that means for them. Have you thought about what that means for you? Where do you even start? I’ve found this to be a common question. Here are some of how we go about uncovering that:

1. Practice what you’re passionate about. What are we doing this for, trading time for money? It’s time to practice and to ask yourself what ignites you—what drives you to do this?

2. Transition from a need to earn money to a sport of making money. What would it look like to move into the sport of making money? Usually, we start with a budget—determining what it costs for you to survive on a monthly and yearly basis. How much can you make over that amount, and where are you putting it so that you can see the future life and self that you want?

These are the types of conversations that we are having with our team members and that I am having with my clients. Who are you having this conversation with? If you need somebody for that conversation, feel free to give us a call or email. We’d love to help you out.