A quick tip to help you respond smoothly when someone asks about the market.

When someone asks you how the market is doing, have you ever just blanked out on how to respond? Today I’ll share a tip to help you answer this question and gain the respect and contact information of the person asking it, potentially creating a lead just by having a conversation.

The most effective way to respond to that question is by saying, “That depends on if you’re a buyer or seller. Which one are you?”

This question is golden because it determines what they’re looking to do in the market. That way, you can tailor your answer to their needs. If they’re a buyer, you can talk with them about market conditions and learn more about their home criteria, goals, and motivations. 

If they’re a seller, you can talk to them about home prices. Our current market is an intense seller’s market where demand outpaces supply, and most houses have appreciated around 24% in the last year.

“Gain the respect and contact information of the person asking you this question.”

If you learn that the person you’re talking to moved into their house four or five years ago, you can also ask if they’ve refinanced recently. If they say no, you can use that as an opportunity to connect them with a lender and talk about how refinancing can save them money. If they have refinanced, at least they know you’re looking out for them.

For more advice about optimizing your interactions with potential leads, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to have a conversation with you.