A growth plan is key to your personal and professional growth.

Let’s talk about the importance of a growth plan. We have a saying within Keller Williams that your business grows to the extent that you do. It’s important to be very involved in the things that you love to do. Your business will grow, the more you do that and nourish yourself. A tool that we use on our team, and many teams and many people use the same tool, is called the growth plan.

“Your business grows to the extent that you do.”

This is a great time to look into 2023. You do this usually during the fall before the next year, and you plan out 12 months of things that you want to do to grow personally and professionally. This includes any retreats or invitations, books you want to read, date nights, family get-togethers, vacation plans, classes you want to attend, and maybe some outdoor adventures or things that you want to add to your life. For me, surfing has been a huge one, and there’s been a lot of growth there, including some injuries. I want to throw that in because part of my personal growth plan is to become a better surfer, so I’m constantly making time for that. That allows me to put more energy into growing my business.

If you’d like a copy of a growth plan template that we use, please check out the resources tab on our website, and we’ll get that right over to you.

This a great time to start planning for your personal and professional growth into 2023 and beyond. If you have any questions about growing yourself and your business, please feel free to reach out through phone call or email. I’d love to help you.