Exploring the connection between personal values and decision-making.

Understanding the significance of standards as the backbone of our decisions is key to navigating life’s crossroads. Today, I’ll explore the connection between standards and values, where our choices are predetermined by what we hold dear.

I believe standards are decisions we make before encountering emotional crossroads, often rooted in our values. What we value is what forms the basis of our standards. For instance, if you’ve committed to choosing healthy options 95% of the time when dining out due to your fitness goals, that becomes a standard.

If during one of these occasions, you’re faced with the choice between ordering a steak like everyone else or sticking to your value by selecting the salad with chicken, the decision has already been made. You’ve predetermined that you’ll always opt for the salad with chicken. This pre-made decision guides you at the emotional crossroads, knowing exactly which direction aligns with your values.

Consider standards in this light, built upon your values. If you enjoy conversations like these, aiming to inspire growth, feel free to call or email us. We’re always happy to hear from you.