A guide for real estate professionals in managing daily decision-making.

As a seasoned real estate coach, I found that one of the topics frequently mentioned during conversations is the concept of urgency—what it means and how you can differentiate the two in your business. Today, I will share the two types of urgencies: perceived urgency and actual urgency.

In our day-to-day activities, our decisions are influenced by the urgency we attach to things, people, tasks, and situations. Actual urgency refers to things that should be done, while perceived urgency refers to things that you feel you need to do or pay attention to based on negative emotions.

The key to managing urgency effectively lies in having clarity around expectations and practicing time blocking. When you set clear expectations, you can deliver on them as promised.

“When we feel a sense of urgency driven by anxiety or the desire to please others, we are not making the best decisions. ”

Often, we feel a sense of urgency driven by anxiety or the desire to please others. In these moments, we are not accessing our deeper wisdom or making the best decisions. However, when we are clear-minded, well-rested, and equipped with the right resources, we are capable of making excellent decisions.

Take some time to block out moments in your day and set clear expectations with those around you. This practice will help you shift from perceived urgency to actual urgency, allowing you to manage your time and responsibilities more effectively.

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